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The Simpson Family

My son asked me today to explain to him why Canadians celebrate Remembrance Day.

"Well" - begun I clearing my throat - "There was a guy whose name was Terry Fox. He had walked the Flanders Fields with a torch very high... I can not recall what really happened after that, but I am pretty sure the doctors cut off his leg. After that, he found a way to collect a lot of money, which he wasn't able to spend because he died very young. The people of Canada got the money, so in his honor we all celebrate the Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes we even remember him, so this is why Canada has the Remembrance Day. "

I don't know if my son agreed with me on this, but my 12 years old daughter had a very different opinion. I am not sure was she telling the truth, but her story was very convincing because of level of the details she provided. I wish I could repeat all she explained to me in a such short time!

Well, I have never studied the Canadian history, neither the most folks in the country. All I know about Canada I learned watching the Homer Simpson show. I love this guy very much, but I have no confirmation that he really existed. For some reason my son reminds me on Bart and my daughter on Lisa. We are one happy, the Simpson family.

Author: Željko Tomic Copyright
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The Bird Maiden

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This is a wonderful translation of a Serbian fairy tale by Jan Mike, illustrated by Dave Albers. I would recommend this book due to the reason the author identified this book as a "Serbian Legend" which is not always the case.

This book would make a great birthday gift for anyone, if you live in Canada or US. It costs only $4. 95 US or $6. 95 CAN, and you can buy it at any book store: The Chapters etc.

THE BIRD MAIDEN: a Serbian Legend

Retold by Jan Mike; Illustrated by Dave Albers

ISBN 0-8167-4023-2

"There once lived a king who had only one child, the young Prince Velimer. Servants granted the prince his every wish; tutors brought him the wonders of the world, and guardsmen protected him from danger. But the prince's mother had died when he was young, and his father was often busy with kingly matters. Prince Velimer was a lonely child who grew up to be a lonely man.

When it was time for the prince to marry, the king ordered three advisers to bring to the palace all eligible maidens from the- neighboring kingdoms. The first to arrive, with a battalion of guards and a bevy of maids, was the rich and beautiful Princess Roksanda. The king's advisers smiled as they admired her dowry of golden coins. "

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