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Attack on RS Army Military Convoy In Zepa Canyon on Jun 04, 1992


Organized and long prepared attacks on garrisons and military convoys of regular JNA at the beginning and in the middle of 1992 committed by Islamic fundamentalists, members of Green Berets and so-called Patriotic League, have been continued with the same intensity on regular RS Army when there was no military need for those attacks and when there were verified agreements on letting these convoys pass to their military destination in Zepa area.

Preparations and organization of perfidious attacks, after the set agreements, was done according to the same procedure as in previously mentioned attacks on JNA military convoys in Tuzla and Sarajevo, in order to destroy BH defense system and create conditions for the attack on Serbian people with the aim of their elimination and persecution - ethnic cleansing from BH area. The attack on military convoy in Zepa area showed all hypocrisy, cruelty and seriousness of crimes without precedent in the war, when the wounded and the captured were murdered in the most atrocious ways, vehicles burnt and property destroyed.

The military organizing of Muslims in Zepa region

In spite of the previous agreement with the Muslim leadership in Zepa on free passing for military convoy to the military facility and TV relay Zlovrh, Muslims, organized in Patriotic League and Green Berets, perfidiously attacked the convoy in one gorge in Zepa. On that occasion, 45 members of VRS whose names are enclosed in this information got killed, many wounded and 30 captured. Many vehicles and other equipment were burnt up and destroyed, and wounded soldiers from the convoy were, contrary to the regulations of international law, atrociously killed on the spot (KP No.

This attack was committed by special terrorist groups formed by SDA HQ in Sarajevo and Srebrenica sub-region, for the area of GODENJE, BRLOZNIK and STOBORAN and other villages surrounding Zepa.

All decisions in Muslim part of the leadership were brought in meetings of the highest SDA leadership whose members were the following: Alija Izetbegovic, Ejup Ganic, Haris Silajdzic, Rusmir Mahmutcehajic, Omer Behmen and sometimes Irfan Ajanovic. This leadership founded "Patriotic League" as its military wing. The founding of "Patriotic League", as illegal military organization, started in April 1991, when BH Deputy Minister of Defense, together with Sulejman Vranj and some more Muslims created Instructions on organization and acting in the field. In May 1991 the organization was named "Patriotic League". Sefer Halilovic and Rusmir Mahmutcehajic participated in
its organizing and foundation. "Patriotic league" achieved the high level of military organization and it had 9 regional and 103 municipal HQs with 98.000 soldiers at the beginning of the war (BH had 109 municipalities in total). Municipalities from Eastern Bosnia were also included, especially those from Srebrenica sub-region. For Zepa and Han Pijesak municipalities everything was organized through the commander of "Patriotic League" regional HQ Cardakovic Ramo, and his commander of the squad that attacked VRS military convoy was Pavlic Avdo, and for Zepa area it was Beho Kulovac.

Kustura Zeljko supplied these terrorist formations with weapons in April 1992, and he performed that task through the authorised person of SDA - Demonjic Hazem, born in Olovo village, Gorazde municipality, who lived in Sarajevo (testimony of Cavcic Mehmedalija, son of Mehmed, born in 1957 - DC-1/30). A big amount of infantry weapons was brought, among which the most numerous were AP "Kalasnjikov". All weapons were brought to the house of Kustura Zajko. Other part of weapons came through Osmanlic Ismet, the Chief of PSS Rogatica and the President of SDA Rogatica.

Municipal Board. The following persons helped them distribute weapons:

  • Imamovic Musan,
  • Imamovic Amir,
  • Cesko Salem,
  • Podzic Ago and others.

    After Muslim terrorist units were armed, the organization of the attack on military convoy was done by Brigade Commander Osmanovic Hasib with Sehic Muharem, Hasib Mulic, Mujkic Hamed and Cardakovic Ibro.

    The first group of diversionists was led by Omerovic Hasib, and the following participated in the attack: Stitkovac Enver, Zimic Abid, Divovic Hamed alias Div, Cavic Meho, Cavcic Bohodil, Zimic Ago, Mehmedovic Alija, Zimic Ramiz, Omanovic Ibro, Zimic Osmo, Podzic Dzevad, Cavcic Hamza, Podzic Ago, Rucic Himzo, Kacevic Omer, Rucic Omer, Hraljo Hamid, Hraljo Ceman, Imamovic Esad, Cavcic Sinan, Imamovic Amir, Cavcic Hamdija, Imamovic Musan, Kacevic Sejdalija, Rucic Ahmo, Kacevic Ohran, Kacevic Galib, Kacevic Hamed, Kacevic Edhem, Kacevic Kemal, Cavic Bego, Kacevic Adil, Cavic Smajo, Hodzic Ragib, Hrulja Osman, Brdanin Ago, Zimic Ibro, Brdanin Avdo, Zimic Hasan, Gluhic Himzo, Zimic Mustafa, Gluhic Camil, Zimic Mehmed, Gluhic Zulfo, Zimic Hamdija, Cesko Sinan, Mesanovic Resid, Kulovac Sabid, Mesanovic Camil, Kulovac Nezir, Hodzic Resid, Kulovac Nedzib, Hodzic Halil, Cesko Salim, Zimic Samedin, Dizdarevic Ago, Cavcic Zejnil, Dizdarevic Hasan, Ramic Hajrudin, Dizdarevic Mujo, Bicic Numo, Ramic Sakib, Mujcinovic Mujo, Vatres Mustafa, Bogilovic Avdo, Omanovic Nusret, Lisic Halid, Kustura Himzo, Kacevic Hamza, Cavcic Himzo, Hajric Mehmed, Cavcic Omer, Cesko Nedzad, Udovcic Jasmin, Kulovac Sead, Otajagic Ferid, Cavkusic Fuad, Holjic Fadil, Cavkusic Sefko, Brankovic Munib, Kulovac Benjamin, Salic Dzemal, Zigic Asim, Karahodzic Iso and Covcic Mehmedalija.

    The second group, from the direction of Godenje, was led by Sehic Kurem and Nesib Mulic, and the following participated in the attack: Curic Zejnil, Lilic Bajuzin, Lilic Zajko alias Zuti, Lilic Sejdalija, Lilic Selim, Dzebo Hajrudin, Lilic Safet, Omerspahic Abid, Lilic Socan, Kulic Hasib, Lilic Sejo, Hodzic Ibro, Lilic Sefik, Dzabo Ismet, Lilic Remzo, Podzic Edhem, Podzic Ramiz, Dzebo Suad, Lilic Ibrahim, Dzebo Nedzad, Muratovic Nedzad, Omerspahic Agonja, Muratovic Safet, Smajic Zahid, Kamenica Hamza, Avdic Suad, Kamenica Mujo, Omerspahic Mehmed, Kamenica Ahmet, Lilic Zajko, Avdic Besim, Avdic Zenadil, Sahic Elsadet, Lilic Nasko, Muratovic Hamed, Dzebo Rahman, Muratovic Emin, Nakic Hasan and his brother Avdic Meho alias Pero, Zigic Nijaz, Dzebo Musan, Zigic Rasim, Lilic Himzo, Zigic Zajim, Lilic Abid, Omerspahic Hurija, Dzebo Meho, Omerspahic Nusret, Curic Mehmedalija, Lilic Ahmet and Muratovic Dzevad alias Ciro.

    The third group, from the direction of Brloznik village, was organized and commanded by Mujkic Hamed alias Hajva, and the folloeing participated in the attack: Mujkic Hasib, Mujkic Muhamed, Mujkic Ahmo, Mujkic Mehmed, Mujkic Himzo, Nuhanovic Sahman, Mujkic Kadija, Nuhanovic Hamzo, Mujkic Ibrahim alias Alkan, Ferlak Hajrudin, Nuhanovic Sabrija, Nuhanovic Mustafa, Nuhanovic Neil, Nuhanovic Mevludin, Nuhanovic Jusuf, Nuhanovic Meho, Nuhanovic Sarija and Mujkic Selman.

    The fourth group, from the direction of Stoborane and helped with people from Podzepolje was led and commanded by Ibro Cardakovic, and the following participated in the attack: Cardakovic Ramiz alias Zoran, Cardakovic Alsad, Cardakovic Safet, Jusufovic Rasid, Bitic Mujo, Ridzal Ramiz, Sejfic Sead,
    Gusic Ramiz alias Cajner, Hodzic Hasan, Hodzic Zejnil, Hodzic Alija, son of Zaim, Hasanovic Ekrem, Dzebo Himzo, Ivojevic Jusuf, Cardakovic Emin alias Braco, Jusufovic Hajrudin, Hodzic Hamdija, Hodzic Zejnil, Hasanovic Salko and Krestalica Mehmed.

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