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srebrenica_eng - 81717 - 18.01.2013 : Zeljko Tomic Sokolac - best (1)

Srebrenica, nothing but the lies

The following document contains a vital statistics of the Bosnian town of Srebrenica. The information was sent in 1994 by the Muslim mayor to the Muslim institutions in Sarajevo and Tuzla.

The document states that during the Bosnian war in Srebrenica used to live about 37,000 people. The mayor stressed in the letter that this document should not be made available to the international organizations, which had been falsely informed that Srebrenica has up to 45,000 inhabitants.

During the Bosnian war the Muslim government and the Western media claimed that at least 40,000 people lived in Srebrenica.

This document was presented at The Hague Tribunal, during the trial against Radivoje Miletic and it is a legitimate proof that officials in Srebrenica had been invented up to 8,000 residents of the city.

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