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Ethnic Conflicts in Civil War in Bosnia - Political manipulation with term of Genocide (4)

The Secretary General heavily criticized some media reports: Calling Bosnia Crisis Overrated, U.N. Chief Focuses on Africa By BARBARA CROSSETTE: "....The international press, he remarked in one of several interviews on his trip, made the battle for Srebrenica sound "like Stalingrad." "There is a kind of dialectical relation between the attention of a great power and the power of the media," he said. "It creates a distortion in our work. What I am trying to do, without great success, is to correct this distortion." Finally there were independent witnesses like UN Dutch troops. This is what they said about "mass killings": BBC Ceefax, 23 July 1995 23:59 BST: NO EVIDENCE OF MASS KILLINGS: DUTCH UN . Dutch UN peacekeepers in Srebrenica when the enclave fell to Bosnian Serb troops, have said they saw the summary execution of ten Bosnian Muslims. But Dutch commander Lt-Col Ton Karremans said he and his men had seen no evidence to corroborate reports from fleeing refugees of mass killings by Bosnian Serb troops. DIE WELT, 25.7.1995 By HELMUT HETZEL:".... Neither Struik nor other Dutch soldiers who were stationed in Srebrenica want to publicly confirm what minister of development- help Jan Pronk and later the minister of defense Joris Voorhoeve claimed: That genocide happened in Srebrenica..." The personal representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights was appointed to investigate what happened in Srebrenica and this is what he said: The Electronic Telegraph Monday 24 July 1995: SERB ATROCITIES IN SREBRENICA ARE UNPROVED By Tim Butcher in Tuzla: After five days of interviews the United Nations chief investigator into alleged human rights abuses during the fall of Srebrenica has not found any first-hand witnesses of atrocities... ....The lack of clear evidence facing Hubert Wieland, personal representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, proved the near-impossibility of establishing what happened when the Serbs overran the Muslim enclave in eastern Bosnia. "Of course the whole ejection of a civilian population is an enormous abuse of human rights," Mr Wieland said yesterday. "But we have not found anyone who saw with their own eyes an atrocity taking place." ...Mr Wieland travelled to Tuzla, the Bosnian city where almost all of the Srebrenica refugees were taken, with a team of investigators to gather evidence of human rights abuses... He said his team had spoken to scores of Muslims at the main refugee camp at Tuzla airfield and at other collective centres but no first-hand witnesses had been found..... There is only one fact proven during the last two years after the Srebrenica story. The "massacre" in Srebrenica was just another masterpiece of the PR campaign done by Bosnian Muslim led government of Alija Izetbegovic. They did't care about sufferings of the people, death or destruction. For these Islamic fanatics only one goal has no price the creation of an Islamic Bosnia and Hercegovina. The Bosnian Serbs and Croats have realized Izetbegoivc's intentions and they fought against it. It is about time for the International Community to accept the reality. There will be no peace until the Bosnian Muslims who are responsible for lightning up the brutal Bosnia's civil war will stand in front of Hag's War Crimes Tribunal. It is time to get Alija Izetbegovic, Ejup Ganic, Rusmir Mahmutcehajic, Omer Behmen, Haris Silajdzic to stand and face the historical judgment. Their blindness (fanaticism) has created enormous disaster to the Bosnian Muslim people as well as for the Bosnian Serbs and Croats. It is time to pay the price for their religious fundamentalism. Bosnian Muslims who were considered by United Nations officials to be missing after the fall of the Srebrenica enclave have made their way through enemy lines to Bosnian Government territory in Zepa. This is an official message from the Zepa command to their main headquarters in town of Tuzla. It was never made public, although UN represenatives were informed about incoming Bosnian Muslim troops from UN battalion in Zepa. 30. Facsimile of Top secret Bosnian Muslim Army document REPUBLIC OF BOSNA I HERZEGOVINA DEFENCE OF THE REPUBLIC Bosnia and Herzegovina Army 22.07.1995 time: 14:20:00 2 CORPUS TUZLA for brigadier: DUDAKOVICH The members of the 28th Bosnian Muslim Mountain Battalion that came to Zepa on July 16, 1995.
  1. Sachirovich Mustafa 28 bb
  2. Malagich Safet 28 bb
  3. Dzanich Edhem-Klotjevac
  4. Muminovich Zurijet 28 bb
  5. Halilovich Sejdalija-Klotjevac
  6. Malagich Hamdija 28 bb
  7. Memich Suljo
  8. Mustafich Asmir 280 bb
  9. Bechirovich Ibro - Pomol
  10. Dzananovich Ibrisim 28 bb
  11. Bechirovich Salko - Pomol
  12. Ademovich Sakib 28 bb
  13. Huseinovic Avdija 28 bb
  14. Omerovich Sabit 28 bb
  15. Alic Fadil
  16. Zukanovich Hamid 28 bb
  17. Ahmetovic Sadik
  18. Jahich Ismet 28 bb
  19. Husic Husein 28 bb
  20. Dubicich Mefail 28 bb
  21. Hasanovic Sead 28 bb
  22. Salihovich Zulfer 28 bb
  23. Ibrahimovic Lutvo 28 bb
  24. Suljich Hariz 28 bb
  25. Beganovicc Ragib 28bb
  26. Bajramovich Ramo 28bb
  27. Delicc SSaban 28bb
  28. Osmanovich Kemo-VEZA 28 div.
  29. Junuzovic Edhem 28 bb
  30. Jusupovich Hasan 28 bb
  31. Malagic Nedzad 28 bb
  32. Husich Abid 28 bb
  33. Malagic Senahid 28 bb
  34. Omerovich Mefail 28 bb
  35. Malagic Mehmedalija 28 bb
  36. Mekanich (Osmana) Ibrahim 28 bb
  37. Kapidzic Suad 28 bb
  38. Muminovich Mevludin 28 bb
  39. Gerovic Meho 28 bb
  40. Ljeskovica Mirsad 28 bb
  41. Ramic Fikret 28 bb
  42. Beganovich Mesud 28 bb
  43. Golic Adil 28 bb
  44. Muminovich Vahdet 28 bb
  45. Beganovic Elvir 28 bb
  46. Mujic Nermin 28 bb
  47. Music Husnija 28 bb
  48. Hublich Hamzalija 28 bb
  49. Malagic Selmo 28 bb
  50. Bumbulovich Mehmed 28bb
  51. Music Bekir 28 bb
  52. Selimovich Sabahudin 28 bb
  53. Huseinovic Senad 28 bb
  54. Ahmedovich Bego 28 bb
  55. Salchinovic Hasim - Pusmulici
  56. Malcinovich Asim 28 bb
  57. Salchinovic Hazim - Pusmulici
  58. Omerovich Suad 28 bb
  59. Jufufovic Muhamed - Karachici
  60. Muminovich Kemal 28 bb
  61. Beganovic Zaim 28 bb
  62. Malagich Kemal 28 bb
  63. Hrustanovic Mujo - Miholjevine
  64. Ahmetovich Ahmet 28 bb
  65. Aljic Aljo-iz Dobraka
  66. Dzikanovich Fehim 28 bb
  67. Ibrahimovic Esed - iz Zgunje
  68. Aroich Ahmedin 28 bb
  69. Ibissevic Nedzad -iz Dobraka
  70. Halilovich Sejdalija 28 bb
  71. Ahmetovic Ahmet 28 bb
  72. Bechirovich Ibro 28 bb
  73. Bechirovich Salko 28 bb
  74. Husejnovich Avdija 28 bb
  75. Smajlovich Mehidin 28 bb
  76. Porobich Smail 28 bb
  77. Avdich (Alija) Hajro 28 bb
  78. Avdich (Mehmeda) Edin 28 bb
  79. Avdich (Hakije) Zijad 28 bb
  80. Kadrich (Fikreta) Mirsad 28 bb
  81. Selimovich (Hasib) Rizo 28 bb
  82. Mandzich (Ibrahim) Sabit 28 bb
  83. Avdich Ahmedin - civilian - Klotovac
The following came to Zepa, as well:
  1. Dzananovich Velid from Zaluzja
  2. Beganovich Hamdija from Glogove
  3. Avdich Izet from Bratunca
  4. Huseinovich Mehmedalija from Glogove
  5. Hodzich Adis from Srebrenice
  6. Musich Remzija from Glogove
  7. Spiodich Dzevad from Srebrenice
  8. Beganovich Vejsil from Glogove
  9. Alich Fahrudin from Voljavice
  10. Ibisevich Ahmo from Sasa
  11. Hasanovich Senahid from Osmacca
  12. Salihovich Safet from Voljavice
  13. Hasich Munib from Srebrenice
  14. Jusich Kadrija from Voljavice
  15. Tabakovich Emin from Zaluzja
  16. Spiodich Ramo from Poljaka
  17. Halilovich Dzemal from Srebrenice
  18. Mahmutovich Mehmed from Bratunca 28.b.b
  19. Krdzich Bekto from Osmaca
  20. Spiodich Sado from Poljaka
  21. Ibisevich Hasan from Karacicha
  22. Softich Kadrija from Dobraka
  23. Mujich Jafaz from Srebrenice
  24. Salkich Besim from Zv-Kamenice
Please let us know if Ejub Golic came to Tuzla. This is not a final list. The final one will be send in a few days, after we have all names collected. Major: /s/ Ramo Cardakovic Conclusion: It is possible to happen only in the Bosnian Muslim State The "missing civilians" from Srebrenica are able to be "unaccounted for two years" and still, to vote in the Bosnian elections held 1997! The following is a part of the list of 3010 "missing civilians" from Srebrenica that were participating in the Bosnia's election and are on the OSCE voting lists. Dr. Dragan Kalinic, President of the Republic of Srpska Parliament, presented this "paradox" to the OSCE and European Union.
  1. Abdurahmanovic Nezir Ismet
  2. Ademovic Ibrahim Kadir
  3. Ademovic Ismet Mevludin
  4. Ademovic Seban Saban
  5. Adic Camil Sadik
  6. Ahmetovic Avdo Dzevad
  7. Ajsic Ramo Adem
  8. Akagic Alia Sabahudin
  9. Alemic Alaga Mensur
  10. Alic Alaga Abaz
  11. Alic Nezir Ahmo
  12. Alic Semso Besim
  13. Alic Dzemal Dzevad
  14. Alic Ferid Fehim
  15. Alic Feazo Halil
  16. Alic Ohran Hasib
  17. Alic Alija Hebib
  18. Alic Mehmed Mujo
  19. Alic Ibrahim Nezir
  20. Alic Haso Nijaz
  21. Alic Hajrudin Reuf
  22. Alic Semso Sabahudin
  23. Alic Adem Samir
  24. Alic Sukrija Sead
  25. Alic Sukrija Seid
  26. Alic Jusuf Senahid
  27. Alihodzic Camil Ramadan
  28. Alispahic Hamdija Enver
  29. Alispahic Omer Mujo
  30. Aljic Ismet Nijaz
  31. Aljic Suljo Sabahudin
  32. Aljic Junuz Salko
  33. Aljic Suljo Seval
  34. Aljic Abdulah Zijad
  35. Atic Safet Ibro
  36. Atic Ibro Smajo
  37. Avdic Maso Alija
  38. Avdic Omer Almir
  39. Avdic Kadrija Bajazit
  40. Avdic Mustafa Fazlija
  41. Avdic Idriz Hajrudin
  42. Avdic Alija Hajrudin
  43. Avdic Nezir Kadir
  44. Avdic Dzemail Nevzet
  45. Avdic Avdo Ramiz
  46. Avdic Dzemal Refik
  47. Avdic Hasan Smail
  48. Avdic Smajo Suljo
  49. Bajramovic Suljo Azem
  50. Bajramovic Ikan Nedzad
  51. Bajramovic Ramo Nedzad
  52. Bajramovic Alija Ohran
  53. Bajramovic Ramo Semso
  54. Becic Husein Hajrudin
  55. Becic Ramo Ramiz
  56. Becirovic Mustafa Abdulah
  57. Becirovic Daut Dalija
  58. Becirovic Ramo Juso
  59. Becirovic Bahrija Nezir
  60. Beganovic Meho Mersed
  61. Begic Ibro Bego
  62. Begic Ahmo Hajdin
  63. Begic Salih Halid
  64. Begic Saban Halid
  65. Begic Alija Mehmedalija
  66. Begic Salih Nezir
  67. Begic Enez Nedzad
  68. Begic Sacir Nusret
  69. Begic Asim Zikrija
  70. Begovic Ahmo Huso
  71. Bektic Enes Dzelil
  72. Bektic Jusuf Ejub
  73. Bektic Adil Esed
  74. Bektic Adem Ibrahim
  75. Bektic Mustafa Jusuf
  76. Bektic Sead Kiram
  77. Bektic Mujo Munib
  78. Bektic Salko Sakib
  79. Bektic Ibrahim Sead
  80. Bektic Nail Suad
  81. Bektic Huso Suad
  82. Bektic Ahmo Sulejman
  83. Bitinovic Abdulah Sabahudin
  84. Bitinovic Abdulah Sevludin
  85. Borogovac Nurdin Emir
  86. Brdarevic Ahmo Admir
  87. Brdarevic Camil Hamed
  88. Brdarevic Taib Vahid
  89. Budovic Huso Bajro
  90. Buljubasic Ismet Bajro
  91. Buljubasic Avdija Elvir
  92. Buljubasic Ismet Hamdija
  93. Buljubasic Avdija Hasan
  94. Buljubasic Vehbija Mirsad
  95. Buljubasic Avdija Senad
  96. Bumbulovic Asim Adem
  97. Bumbulovic Meho Fikret
  98. Bumbulovic Omer Junuz
  99. Bumbulovic Hasan Hasib
  100. Bumbulovic Salih Husein
  101. Buric Salih Rifet
  102. Cakanovic Cazim Adis
  103. Cakanovic Hilmo Cazim
  104. Cakanovic Cazim Hazim
  105. Camdzic Hasan Habib
  106. Camdzic Mustafa Resid
  107. Camdzic Juho Samir
  108. Catic Husein Junuz
  109. Catic Osman Semo
  110. Civic Zuhdo Hedib
  111. Cvrk Hasan Meho
  112. Dautbasic Avdo Sacir
  113. Dautovic Alaga Azem
  114. Delic Selim Azem
  115. Delic Alija Ejup
  116. Delic Edhem Ekrez
  117. Delic Hasan Enes
  118. Delic Selim Eniz
  119. Delic Hamed Hajrudin
  120. Delic Hasan Ibro
  121. Delic Habib Izet
  122. Delic Enes Kadrija
  123. Delic Meho Sead
  124. Delic Ohran Zijad
  125. Delic Salcin Taib
  126. Dervisevic Bego Bekto
  127. Dervisevic Idriz Vahdet
  128. Divovic Hakija Elvedin
  129. Divovic Ramo Salko
  130. Dizdarevic Avdo Haso
  131. Dizdarevic Hedib Huso
  132. Djogaz Hasan Nusret
  133. Djogaz Salcin Salko
  134. Djogaz Ahmo Vahid
  135. Djozic Mensur Esad
  136. Djozic Senusica Fuad
  137. Djozic Asim Mensur
  138. Djozic Alija Sadik
  139. Djozic Edhem Semir
  140. Dudic Husein Ibro
  141. Dudic Husein Sadik
  142. Durakovic Haso Alija
  143. Durakovic Miralem Musan
  144. Durakovic Haso Sead
  145. Dzananovic Dzemal Azem
  146. Dzananovic Nezir Dzemal
  147. Dzananovic Nezir Ibrahim
  148. Dzananovic Hikrija Mujko
  149. Dzananovic Juso Mirzet
  150. Dzananovic Avdo Mustafa
  151. Dzananovic Kasim Zikret
  152. Dzanic Ibro Edin
  153. Djogaz Mustafa Omer
  154. Djogaz Salko Salcin
  155. Djozic Huso Beriz
  156. Efendic Husein Avdo
  157. Efendic Hajrulah Bahrudin
  158. Efendic Fadil Mesud
  159. Efendic Husein Mevludin
  160. Efendic Resid Resid
  161. Ejubovic Alija Amir
  162. Ejubovic Ibrahim Avdo
  163. Ejubovic Muharem Behadil
  164. Ejubovic Alija Ejub
  165. Ejubovic Ibro Ibrahim
  166. Ejubovic Mehmedalija Mehmed
  167. Ejubovic Mehmedalija Mevlid
  168. Feazic Fadil Mustafa
  169. Feazic Nezir Nesib
  170. Feazic Ibrahim Saban
  171. Feazic Sakib Safer
  172. Feazic Ahmet Sakib
  173. Feazic Orhan Senaid
  174. Gabeljic Suljo Abid
  175. Gabeljic Rasid Asim
  176. Gabeljic Rasid Atif
  177. Gabeljic Juso Avdo
  178. Gabeljic Azim Fahrudin
  179. Gabeljic Hasim Hamdija
  180. Gabeljic Azem Hasan
  181. Gabeljic Rasim Huso
  182. Gabeljic Suljo Ibro
  183. Gabeljic Ibrahim Jusuf
  184. Gabeljic Abdulah Meho
  185. Gabeljic Atif Mustafa
  186. Gabeljic Nezir Nijaz
  187. Gabeljic Husein Ramiz
  188. Gabeljic Hasan Sead
  189. Gabeljic Rasim Zijad
  190. Garaljevic Enes Enver
  191. Garaljevic Mehmed Sakib
  192. Gurdic Ahmet Ahmo
  193. Gurdic Ahmo Mesud
  194. Gurdic Bego Sadik
  195. Hadzibulic Bajro Mevludin
  196. Hadzibulic Teufik Bajro
  197. Hafizovic Ahmet Vahid
  198. Hajdarevic Alaga Kadrija
  199. Haadarevic Sukrija Mehmed
  200. Haadarevic Sukrija Mirzet
  201. Hakic Vejsil Elvir
  202. Hakic Hamdija Nurdin
  203. Hakic Hajro Nurdin
  204. Hakic Ramiz Senad
  205. Halilovic Abid Halid
  206. Halilovic Himzo Hamid
  207. Halilovic Bajro Ibro
  208. Halilovic Alija Mehmedalija
  209. Halilovic Omer Memis
  210. Halilovic Junuz Mirsad
  211. Halilovic Safet Mustafa
  212. Halilovic Osmo Nurdih
  213. Halilovic Huso Rasid
  214. Halilovic Idriz Saban
  215. Halilovic Saban Sado
  216. Halilovic Memis Samir
  217. Halilovic Izet Seadalija
  218. Halilovic Ibro Sulejman
  219. Halilovic Halid Zijad
  220. Halilovic Nurif Zurijet
  221. Hamzic Aljo Mevlid
  222. Hamzic Ahmet Mirsad
  223. Hamzic Salih Salcin
  224. Hanic Redzep Selim
  225. Harbas Ragib Sakib
  226. Hasankovic Hasan Nedzad
  227. Hasanovic Amil Alaga
  228. Hasanovic Huso Edhem
  229. Hasanovic Zahir Esed
  230. Hasanovic Juso Hajdin
  231. Hasanovic Seafo Hajro
  232. Hasanovic Ahmet Hamdija
  233. Hasanovic Hasan Hamdija
  234. Hasanovic Hasan Hazim
  235. Hasanovic Salcin Jusuf
  236. Hasanovic Ibrahim Mehmed
  237. Hasanovic Alija Mehmedalija
  238. Hasanovic Ramo Meho
  239. Hasanovic Ibrahim Mevludin
  240. Hasanovic Ramo Mirsa
  241. Hasanovic Hamed Nermin
  242. Hasanovic Selman Saban
  243. Hasanovic Kadrija Semir
  244. Hasanovic Hakija Senad
  245. Hasanovic Husein Senahid
  246. Hasanovic Alaga Suljo
  247. Hasanovic Dzemal Vahdet Fahret
  248. Hasic Mustafa Osman
  249. Hirkic Maho Ahmo
  250. Hirkic Bajro Behadil
  251. Hirkic Halid Beris
  252. Hirkic Suljo Halid
  253. Hirkic Osman Jusuf
  254. Hirkic Ahmo Maho
  255. Hirkic Husein Sabahudin
  256. Hodzic Husein Farid
  257. Hodzic Mujo Abdulah
  258. Hodzic Kadir Aziz
  259. Hodzic Suljo Fikret
  260. Hodzic Salko Husein
  261. Hodzic Sahmo Sabit
  262. Hodzic Sahim Smail
  263. Hotic Sead Samir
  264. Hotic Hasan Sead
  265. Hozbo Muradif Sakib
  266. Hrustanovic Ismet Hazim
  267. Hrustanovic Ismet Rifet
  268. Hrustanovic Ahmo Tahir
  269. Hrustic Sahim Azem
  270. Hublic Ibrahim Hazim
  271. Hublic Fadil Teufik
  272. Hukic Husein Ahmet
  273. Hukic Gajibija Edhem
  274. Hukic Redzo Esed
  275. Hukic Tahir Mujo
  276. Hukic Hajdin Senad
  277. Huremovic Hasib Mehmed
  278. Huremovic Mesan Samir
  279. Huseinovic Omer Emir
  280. Huseinovic Nezir Mirsad
  281. Huseinovic Izet Suljo
  282. Huseanagic Fehim Redzep
  283. Huseanovic Atif Hajrudin
  284. Huseanovic Omer Ismet
  285. Huseanovic Ibro Munib
  286. Huseanovic Hajrudin Nermin
  287. Huseanovic Ibrahim Osman
  288. Husic Mujo Bahjija
  289. Husic Hasan Esad
  290. Husic Mujo Himzo
  291. Husic Ibrahim Mehmed
  292. Husic Mehmed Mujo
  293. Ibisevic Salih Bekir
  294. Ibisevic Ibis Ekrem
  295. Ibisevic Ahmo Samir
  296. Ibisevic Salih Sead
  297. Ibisevic Sevko Sefedin
  298. Ibisevic Salih Seid
  299. Ibrahimovic Dzemal Bego
  300. Ibrahimovic Omer Dzemail
  301. Ibrahimovic Omer Dzemal
  302. Ibrahimovic Nefail Emir
  303. Ibrahimovic Haso Enver
  304. Ibrahimovic Zuhdo Hasib
  305. Ibrahimovic Omer Haso
  306. Ibrahimovic Ahmet Ibrahim
  307. Ibrahimovic Dzemal Kemal
  308. Ibrahimovic Zuhrijet Mevlid
  309. Ibrahimovic Fikret Mirzet
  310. Ibrahimovic Mehmed Muhamed
  311. Ibrahimovic Nuria Nedzad
  312. Ibrahimovic Nuria Nurdin
  313. Ibrahimovic Zulfo Sabahudin
  314. Ibrahimovic Ahmet Sahman
  315. Ibrahimovic Smail Semso
  316. Ibrahimovic Zaim Zahir
  317. Idrizovic Salko Hasan
  318. Imsirevic Arif Muharem
  319. Jahic Ramo Hasib
  320. Jahic Mehmed Saib
  321. Jahic Salko Vehbija
  322. Jakubovic Nezir Bego
  323. Jakubovic Husein Ekrem
  324. Jakubovic Esed Amir
  325. Jasarevic Ismet Ahmet
  326. Jukic Hadzo Irfan
  327. Jukic Mehmed Mehmedalija
  328. Junuzagic Zahir Mirza
  329. Jusic Mustafa Mujo
  330. Jusic Mujo Munir
  331. Jusic Hasib Sadik
  332. Jusic Juso Sulejman
  333. Jusufovic Salcin Camil
  334. Jusufovic Salcin Ramiz
  335. Kabilovic Salko Mehmed
  336. Kabilovic Bego Nesib
  337. Kadric Juso Jusuf
  338. Kadric Sado Kadrija
  339. Kadric Kadrija Nurdin
  340. Kadric Kadrija Nurija
  341. Kalic Hamid Bekir
  342. Kalic Idriz Muris
  343. Kandzetovic Bekto Behaja
  344. Kardasevic Ramo Mehan
  345. Klancevic Halid Sead
  346. Klempic Sevko Amir
  347. Klempic Edhem Kadrija
  348. Klempic Muso Zulfo
  349. Krdzic Ramo Behudin
  350. Krdzic Baro Izet
Some of the war crimes that are reported to the UN and listed by the case and proof number. All Bosnian Muslim units were from Srebrenica's Muslim operational army group. 31. International Red Cross Commettee List of Missing persons -Examples of manipulations The Lists of missing persons are from ICRC documentation. Bolded names represented found persons, which mean that they can't be treated and notice as missing. There are more than thousand persons found on the same matter, what cause suspicion to IRCR list. Principe is next: Persons were founding upon Top secret and confidential documents of Bosnia Muslim Army. For this book needs, we separate just one part of informations about so called missing people from Srebrenica. On that way we make example with list of people with family names which beginning with capital B. The data contain following informations: 1) Basic informations about person - ICRC 2) Informations from Army of Muslim - Croatian Federation. 3) Registration numbers and data from main document 4) Conclusion. All this data showing us manipulations with numbers of so called missing people from Srebrenica in July 1995. EXAMPLE: Mr. Ademovic Adem from father Zulfu is on list of missing persons of ICRC from July 1995. But true is that Mr. Ademovic Adem was on list of missing and killed persons of Bosnia Muslim Army during the combat 12.9.1992. Informations about that is from secret Bosnia Muslim Army documentations, Basic data from registration list of international organizations: Full name: BECO JOHIC Sex: male DOB.POB 12th May 1972, Rovasi, Vlasenica Data from documents of Moslem Croatian Federation: BECO (SULJO) JOHIC, born 1972 in Rovasi Vlasenica. Killed on 15th March 1993, in village Baljkovica, Zvornik Registration numberand data from original document: List of killed and disappeared soldiers on the territory Debelo Brdo and Baljkovica from 284.IBL brigade Srebrenica Conclusion: Killed on 15th March 1992, before July 1995 Basic data from registration list of international organizations Full name: HAMDIJA JASAREVIC Sex: male DOB.POB: 15th May 1963, Macesi, Vlasenica Data from documents of Moslem Croatian Federation HAMDIJA (AVDO) JASAREVIC, born 1963 in Vlasenica, Disappeared on 6th July 1993 in Ruzina Voda, Vlasenica, on the road to Tuzla Registration number and data from original document: List of killed and disappeared soldiers on the territory Debelo Brdo and Baljkovica from 284.IBL brigade Srebrenica Conclusion: Disappeared on 6th July 1993, before July 1995 32. Testemonies of surviviors On October 5, 1992, Moslem armed formations attacked the house of Sreten Djokic in the village of Divovici near Bratunac, and two days later the bodies of the people killed in Divovici were handed over to the Serbs. The body of Sreten Djokic was given without the head and the right arm. On the neck hung a patch of skin with hair from the top of his head. The head and the arm were never found and the body was buried without them. Proof: 37/94-6 . In clashes between Moslem armed forces and those of the Army of the Republic of Srpska on November 5,1992 in the area of Kamenica, the commune of Zvornik, the Moslems captured and killed by beheading Vlado Grabovica, Savo Djokic, Dragomir Bozic, Slavko Tijanic, Savo Kazanovic and Radomir Pavlovic. Dragomir Bozic was massacred and the head severed from the body. The head of Slavko Tijanic was found without the eyes, ears and nose, a 6 mm diameter iron bar was found in his chest, while his neck, hands and feet were tied with wire. The head of Savo Kazanovic had also been cut off, his chest pierced with a large nail, and he himself nailed to an oak tree and crucified. A head without the body was also found which is assumed to have belonged to Milos Grabovica. The following were also killed in Kamenica on November 5,1992: Miladin Asceric, 28 years old; Mico Tesic, 24 years old and Nikola Milinovic, 27 years old. They were also beheaded. Proof: 184/94-5, 184/95-6, 184/95-7 and 184/95-8. Some of the war crimes that are reported to the UN and listed by the case and proof number. All Bosnian Muslim units were from Srebrenica's operational Muslim army group. In an attack carried out on June 3,1992 on the village of Brezane, the commune of Srebrenica, Moslems killed Milivoje Mitrovic and Stanoje Mitrovic. When this village was liberated in April 1993 their headless bodies were found. One peroson with nickname "Kemo" from Pale had slit Stanoje Mitrovic's throat. Proof: 635/94-9. On September 24,1992 Moslem forces occupied the village of Podravanje in the commune of Milici, set it to fire, looted it and killed all the wounded whom they found in the village. They killed 19 persons on that occasion and massacred their bodies. Zulfo Tursumovic from Suceska had the severely wounded Tomislav Perendic put his head in his (Tursumovic's) lap and then slaughtered him and cut his head off. Svetozar Jovanovic's head was cut off and impaled on a stake and Gojko Tomic was beheaded and his head thrown some 20 metres away from the body. Some of the war crimes that are reported to the UN and listed by the case and proof number. All Bosnian Muslim units were from Srebrenica's operational Muslim army group. DESIGNATION OF CRIME: Deliberate killing of civilians. PLACE AND TIME: The village of Divovici, the commune of Bratunac, September-October 1992. BRIEF DESCRIPTION: When the war broke out in Croatia, the Moslems from this village started provoking the Serbs. In early September 1992, the husband of the witness, Sreten Djokic, was attacked while he was picking plumbs near their house, hit by an object in the back of his head after which he fell and lost consciousness. After that he was taken to the Uzice hospital for treatment. The witness learned that he had been attacked by Moslems who had left him behind believing that he had been dead. On 5 October, after her husband returned from the hospital, the witness and her husband were at home. At one moment Sreten went to the stable to feed the cows, when the witness heard shots and her son yelling "Dad fell". Then she saw her husband lying motionless five meters away from the house on the way to the stable. Fifty meters away she saw Hasanovic with a rifle, cursing her Chetnik mother, ordering her to get out of her house where she hid with her son. Soon after that, a flammable device was thrown into the house causing fire, and the witness and her son started suffocating. Her son jumped out of the window, and the witness heard shots and saw the perpetrators running after her son. She then ran to the opposite direction to a nearby forest. Two days later, on 7 October, the bodies of those who were killed in Divovici were given to Serbs. The witness saw the body of her son Svetozar, with the right eye plucked out, the right arm broken, a wound on the right side of his chest, and a number of holes on his shirt, probably as a result of stabbing. The body of her husband was decapitated and without the right arm. A piece of his skin with hair taken from his head was hanging down his neck. His head and arm were not found and the body was buried without them. INDICATIONS CONCERNING PERPETRATOR: 1. Izet Hasanovic, 2. Haris Ridjic, of father Munib, 3. Edem Mahmutovic, sixty years of age, whom the witness saw taking a cow and a goat out of her stable during the attack. EVIDENCE: Minutes from the hearing of the witness Savka Djokic, of 31 August 1994, filed with the Committee under number 378/94-6 and medical documentation (Dr. Stankovic). DESIGNATION OF CRIME: Deliberate killing of civilians. PLACE AND TIME: Visegrad, 24 July 1992. BRIEF DESCRIPTION: On 24 July Ranko Samardzic, born 23 April 1931, of father Pero, was killed in Visegrad near his house by Moslem soldiers. INDICATIONS CONCERNING PERPETRATOR: 1. Kemal Isic, a Moslem soldier from Visegrad, 2. Ibrahim Susko, from Visegrad, 3. Hasan Veletovac, from Visegrad. EVIDENCE: Committee 440/94-27 NOTE: Supplement to application I-139. DESIGNATION OF CRIME: Deliberate killing of civilians. PLACE AND TIME: The village of Jelasci, the commune of Visegrad, 1 August 1992. BRIEF DESCRIPTION: In the night of 2 August Moslem military troops attacked the village of Jelasci and shot the following civilians: 1. Milo Savic, born in 1943, of father Gvozden, 2. Petka Savic, born in 1945 of father Dragomir, 3. Radomir Savic, born in 1949, of father Gvozden, 4. Dragan Susnjar, born in 1928, of father Jovan, 5. Slavka Susnjar, born in 1930, 6. Trivun Jelicic, born in 1929, of father Velizar, 7. Sava Jelicic, born in 1920, 8. Mirjana Jelicic, born 1960, of father Miloje, 9. Dragana Jelicic, 8 years old, 10. Vidoje Jelicic, 11 years old. The victims were killed in their homes or leaving their houses. Each of them had several bullet shots on their bodies. INDICATIONS CONCERNING PERPETRATOR: 1. Ahmed Sejdic, from Visegrad, commander of a Moslem military unit. EVIDENCE: Minutes from the hearing of the witnesses filed with the Committee under numbers 440/94-36 and 440/94-40. NOTE: Supplement to application I-139. Some of the war crimes that are reported to the UN and listed by the case and proof number. All Bosnian Muslim units were from Srebrenica's operational Muslim army group. DESIGNATION OF CRIME: Deliberate killing of civilians. PLACE AND TIME: The village of Vlahovici, the commune of Visegrad, 9 June 1992. BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A group of Moslem soldiers killed the following civilians from the village of Vlahovici on 9 June in a field called Krcevina: 1. Dragomir Simsic, born in 1949, of father Momcilo, 2. Perka Simsic, maiden name Gogic, born in 1941, of father Vitomir, and 3. Bozo Simsic, born in 1932, of father Obren. Dragomir and Perka Simsic were killed by Bajic and Sabanovic from fire arms, and Bozo Simsic was both shot and slaughtered by Hurem. INDICATIONS CONCERNING PERPETRATOR: 1. Hamdo Bajic, from Velika Gostilja, the commune of Visegrad, of father Asim and mother Mejrema, 2. Adil Sabanovic, from Mala Gostilja, the commune of Visegrad, born on 27 November 1972 in Visegrad, of father Rifet, 3. Ragib Hurem, called Rapce, from Mala Gostilja, the commune of Visegrad, born on 24 September 1960, of father Ragib and mother Hajra. EVIDENCE: Minutes from the hearing of the witness and an application of the public security station in Visegrad, Ku. 6/93, filed with the Committee under number 440/94-35. NOTE: Supplement to application I-139.

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