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Struggle of Serbian Civilians in Moslim Sarajevo

Local Justice - Sarajevo: Presentation of Evidences of the Prosecution Completed

At the trial of Ibrahim Ceco, indicted for war crimes committed in Dobrinja in 1992, Sarajevo's Cantonal Prosecutor's Office completed its presentation of evidences.

Slobodan Vucicevic, the witness of Sarajevo's Canton Prosecutor¿s Office, said that the indictee, after ordering him and other three men to lie on the floor, kicked him with military boots, and thus fractured him three ribs.

"Ibro ordered us to lie down, and when we did it, I saw that he hit me with military boots. I was getting a little bit lost. It lasted minimally 10 to 15 minutes. I felt pain to some extent, afterwards someone could kill me and I would not feel anything', said Vucicevic.

The witness said that he and three other persons were taken to the basement of the premises of the Local Community (MZ) in Dobrinja, where he was beaten by the indictee on September 18, 1992, just few hours after one man who dug a trench with them in Dobrinja 5 escaped.

The Witness said he was taken from MZ to prison Sunce.

"They transferred us to prison Sunce, a former food store. In prison, no one touched us. There were dozen persons inside, who were brought there before. We were released on September 20, and I immediately went to the military hospital in Dobrinja. They examined me there and found out that I broke three ribs. They did not propose me to stay in the hospital because it was full", said Vucicevic, pointing out that he felt terrible pains then.

The witness said that he knew who Ceco was from before because some civilians told him that he could be violent and that one should beware of him, and that he closely saw him for the first time on September 18, 1992.

"I hold Ibro Ceco liable for sustained injurues", said Vucicevic.

The indictment filed by the Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecution alleges that Ibrahim Ceco, former member of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armija muslimanske BiH, physically abused Serb civilians, while they were digging trenches at a locality in Dobrinja 5 on September 18, 1992.

The Prosecution alleges that indictee Ceco slapped and hit two civilians on their heads and other body parts and took them, in collaboration with soldiers nicknamed "Seki" and "Zoka", to a basement of a building in Dobrinja, where they ordered them to lie down and continued abusing them.

"Ceco hit S. V. several times with his boots to the chest, after which the civilian lost consciousness. Ceco broke several ribs of his ribs during the abuse", states the Cantonal Prosecution in the indictment.

"Ceco hit injured party S. V. on his chest several times by kicking him, while wearing his military boots. The injured party lost conscience and received severe bodily injures, like fractures of a few ribs, - the Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecution's indictment alleges.

Hamza Zujo, a medical expert witness, prepared the findings and the opinion regarding serious physical injuries sustained by the injured party. He prepared it on the basis on medical records from the military hospital in Dobrinja, where Vucicevic was examined.

"Fractures of the sixth, seventh and eighth ribs are serious injuries, while many contusions on the body are minor injuries. Injuries may have occurred from some mechanical instrument, but it cannot be excluded that they were caused by the shoe", said Zujo.

Answering the questions of the Defense, the expert Zujo said that he does not exclude the possibility that the broken ribs could occur by falling on edge of the tub.

At this trial, prosecutor Aida Catovic entered several material evidences into file including the findings and opinion of the expert.

Indictee Ceco defends himself from liberty.

The continuation of the trial is scheduled for April 27 this year, when the Defence plans to present the proposal of its evidences.

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