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srebrenica - 2524 - 31.10.2005 : Sydney - best (0)


Which ever communist/jew/serb published this site has displayed the biggest bullshit of all time. I may add there are no pictures of the Serb killings during 91 war, pictures of the croats been slaughtered in Vukovar, Skabrnje, and also in Bosna.
Also what about the Croat civilians killed during the Bleiburg death marches and the death of genocide of Croats during Tito's Yugoslavia by Partizans, the slaughter of Catholic priests and destruction of Catholic churches. What about the pictures of Tito's own concentration camps.
i Suggest the Communist/jew/serb who published this site look at the way the Croatians were treated during history and the slaughter which has killed many people in our state, though has only strengthen our people to victory! Pobjednicka Vojska Jaka... !

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