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A Question about Croatian History

I am 68 years old and I was born in St. Louis, Missouri. My father left Europe when he was 5 yrs old. I have always been told that I am Croatian but I never thought too much about it. My son is in the army and he visited relatives in Croatia. He was there for just a few days but he said the people were really good to him. I was looking forward to visit them myself, but it has never happened.

I was recently retired, and started studying about World War 2 and Croatia. What I am finding out is disgusting! I have been reading what was happening since the WW2 to the present. I have taken down a small Croatian flag my son gave me and I am sick to think about the history of such people. I will continue to read more, and hope I can find something good about Croats, but they have a long way to go. If you can say something positive about them I would appreciate it. In the mean time, I will continue digging to see what I can learn about the country.


Dear Friend,

In spite of thinking very hard, I can not say anything about Croatians except that I have a few Croatian friends who are perfectly normal people, just like you!

Croatia had a very sad history. For a long time their population had been conquered by other powers, so they were not able to express their own identity for a long time. The key moment in their history was the end of the Great War (1918) when their Slavic brothers, the Serbian solders, played the crucial role to free them from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. A few great Croatian intellectuals supported the idea of creating a country of South Slavic people, so the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was born.

However, the Croats always wanted more! During the World War II, they sided with Hitler, hoping to expand their territories. In order to achieve their goals, they adopted Hitler's ideology and became a nation which had killed the most Jewish people after the Germans. In Jasenovac, one of the worst concentration camps in the history, they killed about 900. 000 civilians, mostly Serbian people. They slaughtered the same people who brought them freedom in 1918.

In spite of being Hitler's allies and the fact they lost the war, Croatia was has never been punished for the ethnic cleansing and the crime against humanity. On the contrary, when the war ended they expanded their territories by gaining control over the city of Rijeka, as well as The Adriatic Coast a. k. a. Dalmatia. For your information, between the two Great Wars those regions were controlled by Italy. On the other side, Croatia got control over some territories which belonged to Serbia and Montenegro before the Second World War.

This is a unique case in history that a country which lost a war and killed so many people extended its borders against neighboring states. The only explanation for this I have is the fact that the communist president, Josip Broz - Tito, was a Croat.

After the World War Two, the Croats have never gave up their intention to create an independent state, in spite of the fact that all major decisions were made in their favour.

After several unsuccessful tries, in 1991 Croats started a war which ended by expelling entire non-Croatian population from their territory.

The Civil War ( 1991 - 1995 ) ended by making a quarter of million Serbian people forced to leave Croatia. They lost all the property they had. They never returned back. A very few of them who stayed had to become Catholics.

The modern Croatian state was a complete fulfillment of dreams which had Ante Pavelic, the leader of the puppet state of Nazi Germany. What Pavelic wasn't able to accomplish with the help of Hitler, it was succeeded successfully by the Croatian president Franjo Tudjman and its American ally Bill Clinton. They made a country in which only Croats have a right to live.

Zeljko Tomic

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