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prepiska - 103013 - 11.01.2019 : Zeljko Tomic Canada - best (0)

Why I will Never Fly with AirSerbia Again

As I enter into a new year I get flooded by the feeling that another chapter in the book of my life has been completed. At the same time, when I make through the night on a emotional roller coaster that the holiday can put me through, I get pumped with some cosmic energy and get ready for the year to come. I am one of those who believe the way you start a year is representative of how the entire year will go.

Last December I decided to step on threshold of the New Year in the clouds: when my home city enters into the New Year I would be on the flight 677 from Amsterdam to Calgary. Furthermore, after I come to Canada, with the New Year six hours ahead of us, we will still have enough time to get ready for another celebration. This could be a great sign for beginning of a new year.

I came to the Belgrade airport in a great mood. However, the smile from my face vanished soon after the Air Serbia representative told me that I need to pay $160 for my first check in bag.

  • How, for God's sake, I can take a nine months overseas trip without a single bag with me? For the last 25 years, since I started traveling between Europe an North America, I have never payed any fee for the first check in bag?

  • I am very sorry, but this is not our fault. We are using the KLM computer system to check you in, and it shows that you are not allowed to bring any bags with you. This also means that you and your wife will need to pay the same amount of money for you bags on the way back.

    So, that was the end! All my dreams about celebrating the New Year in the air vanished into thin air when I handed over the amount requested.

    The moment when the clock showed midnight in Serbia, I didn't open a small bottle of wine, like I previously intended. I guess, I fall asleep, wanted to forget this unpleasant situation.

    When I was about to exit the plain, I showed the voucher to the KLM super intendent. She was noticeably surprised, looked into the piece of paper with her eyes widely opened, and said:

  • I am very sorry, this is some kind of mistake. You were not suppose to pay for your first check in bag on our KLM flight. It is free for everyone, so why should you be the only one to pay? Please, contact the Delta Airlines customer service as soon as you land. I am sure you will get your money back.

    Like a tiny spark of hope, it came back to me that I could make things right.

  • Sure, I will call them! - I told her on the way to exit.

    To be Continued

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