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English Category Type Serbian Source       Report Error
canary bird) n. kanarinac Report Error
canary bird) n. kanarinka 4 Report Error
canary whitewood Tree n američko tulipovo drvo Report Error
Canary Islands n. Kanarska ostrva Momcilovic - Srpskohrvatsko-Engleski Recnik Report Error
Canary Island pine Tree n. kanarski bor Report Error
Canary Island date palm Tree n. kanarska palma Report Error

English Type DescriptionType
canary a. Of or pertaining to the Canary Islands; as, canary wine; canary birds.
canary n. Wine made in the Canary Islands; sack.
canary n. A canary bird.
canary a. Of a pale yellowish color; as, Canary stone.
canary n. A pale yellow color, like that of a canary bird.
canary v. i. To perform the canary dance; to move nimbly; to caper.
canary n. A quick and lively dance.