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The Webmaster Coquitlam Dec 22, 2009


Dear Neighbours,
This is the only resource on the web regarding the Encore property in Coquitlam. The website is operated by a group of the Encore owners and it suppose to improve our communication. We hope it will make BCS 2388 a better place to live. On this page I will try to put the basic information which should help you to understand how our BCS 2388 operates. Please, read this carefully before you jump on other topics. The website is a work in progress.

Strata Council

The Strata Property Act of BC which is the current law that governs Stratas (Condos) in BC states in Sec, 26; "the council must exercise the powers and perform the duties of the strata corporation, including the enforcement of bylaws."

This means that when you elect a Strata Council at your Annual General Meeting, you are electing people who will make almost all decisions made for the next year. You are giving these people a lot of power, and their decisions can directly impact on the value of your property. Very often, it is very hard to find enough people to fill the positions on Council? In case of our Strata Corporation, we even don't elect Strata Council we accept the owners who are willing to serve on Council.

This is not the best method to choose someone to protect what is probably your most important asset? For that reason, you should give a second thought to personally serve on the Strata Council, or getting to know your neighbours and fellow owners who are on the Council.

The Strata Property Act of BC, section 28 - subsection 1, the only persons who may be council members are the following:

(a) owners;
(b) individuals representing corporate owners;
(c) tenants who, under section 147 or 148, have been assigned a landlord's right to stand for council.

Despite subsection (1), the strata corporation may, by a bylaw passed at an annual or special general meeting allow other individuals than those referred to in subsection (1), to be council members.

The strata corporation may direct or restrict the council in its exercise of powers and performance of duties by a resolution passed by a majority vote at an annual or special general meeting ( section 27 - subsection 1 ).

Currently, I am serving on the Strata Council, trying to revert some decisions made in the past, like the storage locker distribution. The previouse Strata Concil had promissed us a fair storage locker distribution ( Strata Council Minutes from March 2008) but lottery has never happened. Who got the best lockers, you can guess!

Furthermore, the Strata Council made several decisions which led to maintainance fee increase for the year. They spent:

  • $30.000 to fix the storage lockers on P4, a few hundred dollar damage done by single a break in.

    On the other issues, like the inspection of the generator room, they share moral responsibilities with the two companies which have / had managed our property for the last two years.

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