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Ashraf Saleeb Coquitlam Nov 16, 2009

A $5000 Door

Hi there,

I am the owner of unit 1208 and i have a very interesting story with Croft Agencies. I am renting my unit and it seems that my tenant was the girlfriend of some drug dealer. Anyway, to make the story short, the police in his search for this guy broke the door of my unit. This was in December of 2008.

Anyway, Croft decided to repair the door without even asking me or giving me any options. A few months later they sent me an invoice of $ 1810.71 PLUS $2631.65 for the cost of the repair of the same door. When I questioned this unbelievable amount, they sent me a ridiculous breakdown that included about 77 hours of work to replace the door. I called them many times, wanted to talk to Mr. Green but he every time said he was going to investigate and return to me. However, he never kept his promise!

The next thing I knew that the strata council sent my case to a lawyer and instead of investigating the incident they took Croft's side and sent me a letter through their lawyer threatening me that they wer going to put a lien on my unit if i don't pay them the money they asked for.

I really believe that there is something fishy is going on with the strata council and Croft Agencies as the strata was defending Croft in a very suspicious way and 'till this minute the problem has not been solved. If if you are interested i can send you the time sheet which is full of lies and funny stuff!

Between to be honest, Croft has reduced the cost twice over the past year to a total of 2430. 20 plus the legal fees, which I believe is a way more than the cost of repair of any door i ever heard of.
A Saleeb

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